We’re Here!

It’s Tuesday.  We’ve been here in Waynesville 5 days now.  Almost a week.  It’s strange really – it feels like we are on vacation and will be returning “home” soon.  We keep saying to ourselves, “Hey! This is our home now.  We live here.”  I know that may sound silly, but when you uproot your entire life and move it somewhere else, it feels surreal.  Every morning I’ve opened my eyes, looked around and said to myself, “Hey.  This is your new home.”

The move itself went so amazingly well.  We had such a great turnout of friends to help with loading the truck, making the drive to Waynesville, unloading the truck, hanging shelves, moving boxes from room to room, unpacking my kitchen and well, keeping us company just a little while longer before it was really good bye.  Words can’t even begin to say how thankful we are for the help, the support, the encouragement and of course, the friendships.  So very thankful.

So the last few days have been spent settling in, starting homeschool back up, digging back in to work and unpacking.  Shannon has spent the last few days hanging hardware in the bathrooms and other areas of the house as well as the numerous runs to WalMart to get supplies, rugs, lamps, curtains, etc.  We are happy but tired.

We’re taking the next couple of weeks to chill out, explore the area and have some quality family time, relax time and rest time.  Then we’ll hit the ground running getting things set up for our first monthly meeting in March!

On a side note:  We are now sure that the church next door is vacant.  We’ll get the scoop on that in the coming days.  We find it quite humorous that Papa set us up in a gorgeous house, right next to a vacant church.

He’s got a cool sense of humor like that, right?  Here are some pics now that we’ve settled in.  We still have pictures to hang and rugs to purchase.  But for now, it’s feeling more like home.

Until next time,

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