Dig The Well Recap

image_00020What an amazing weekend!  Thursday we loaded up the car and headed to Waynesville for a long weekend.  We were honored that so many friends and family joined us to not only hang out and have a good time, but to spend a few hours on Saturday interceding and worshiping on behalf of the new church plant and the city of Waynesville.

It was just so good.

image_00016Over 30 of us (my Dad and Mom, too!)gathered together at the Wells Event & Reception Center on Main Street.  While over 30,000 people filtered through the city for the Annual Apple Festival, we prayed and worshiped. Shannon and I were so honored that so many people took time out of their busy schedules to spend it with us, digging the well for New Day.  Koryn & Johanna led worship.  They broke a lot of ground by singing out prophetically over us and the city.   Everyone participated in corporate prayer for favor with the local government, for divine strategies, for a connection with the local churches and so much more.

image_00022We posted all of the photos right here and you can listen to the prophetic prayer prayed over us and the Ebert’s right here.

Yes.  You read that right.  John & Anne Ebert will be moving with us to help with the church plant.  We are excited about what they will bring to our team and know that God has His hand on it!  John and Anne are gifted in the prophetic and evangelism and have training in Healing and Restoration.  We love their heart for people and just love them in general.  They are super fun and full of life and well, really cool peeps.  Shannon & I are excited to have some familiar faces up there with us!

image_00011This all still feels so surreal to me.  I mean, in less than 3 months, this city will become our home. What?! Would you continue to pray that all of the pieces fall into place, please?  I can’t wait to tell more stories of how God has been showing us favor and setting things in place for us.  It’s been nothing short of miraculous and uncanny timing. We are selling our home (come on, contract!) and need to purchase one there.  That feels really big to us, but we know that to Him, it’s no big deal.

We appreciate your prayers and your support.  It means the world to us.


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