We didn’t just pick Waynesville out of a hat of cities to move to in order to plant a church. The story is amazing, really.  God asked us to move.  So we said yes. 

Waynesville Pics



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In 2012, Mary was in a town called Waynesville, NC for a business trip. It was the fall. The views were spectacular. And she fell madly in love with the city. So much so, that she took a picture and sent it over Instagram. The caption read: I want to move here.

For most of their married lives, Shannon and Mary have received numerous prophetic words about pastoring, church planting, moving, etc. They were all encouraging words, but Shannon was pretty set that they weren’t going to Pastor – at least not until after they had traveled the world and evangelized the nations.

In June of 2014, while on a date night, they were pondering a series of prophetic words and nudging from the Holy Spirit about planting a church. It was not a planned thing (at least on their parts), but they started verbally processing all of the words they had been given, processing the fact that they had be wanting to move, processing the fact that they knew ministry was in their future and even processing the fact that they had been hesitant to say yes to it.

The whole evening was very thick with the presence of God. They noticed right away that they were in the middle of something God had ordained, so they just went with the flow of it. It was supernatural and yet very natural at the same time. They decided, on their way to the restaurant, they would entertain the idea of church planting and exploring it more.

They were excited and full of joy, recognizing that God was up to something that night. At the table Mary said, “I wonder where we will go. I know we don’t want to stay in the Charleston area. I know we love the mountains. Specifically I love Waynesville. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could move there to plant a church?”  Shannon said, “Mary! I’ve never even been to Waynesville.”  She replied, “Ok, ok.  I know.  We have to ask God where to go.”

Their waitress came over and started talking to them when she mentioned she wished she was back home. Shannon asked her where that was – and she said NC. When he asked her what part she said, “A little town outside of Asheville called Waynesville.”

Right then, Mary physically saw the room atmosphere shift – like a time warp. As soon as she walked away, Shannon leaned forward and said, “Did you feel the atmosphere shift?”

God has only spoken to Shannon & Mary like that a very few times  in their lives – and all of those times were major, life-changing moments. So they knew that God had just shown up.  All the way home that night they could tangibly feel God all around them. There was such life and joy and peace in that moment with Him.

They came home and shared with their pastors what happened. Scott & Stephanie were amazing – encouraging and confirming that they felt God in that as well.

And that’s how New Day Community Church here in Waynesville was born.