At New Day our purpose is to help you know and experience the life changing results that come from a genuine relationship with God. To teach and strengthen you in this relationship, we have four core values that are echoed in everything that happens at New Day.

Father Heart Message
Father-God desires above all things for you to experience His love through a deep, personal and experiential relationship with Him as His child. Discover how you can walk in an abundance of the Father’s love.

God is calling each one of us into deep friendship with Him and He is also preparing us to be His bride for all eternity. It is our greatest commandment: to love our God. When you let Jesus lead you to the Father, and let the Holy Spirit transform you, you can then lead a life of greater intimacy with Him. That is your ultimate destiny – to spend eternity with God, and now is the time to prepare. Our second command is to love our neighbor as ourselves. That’s why family and friends are such a focus here—community is important to God, and its important to us.

We want you to be set free, transformed, renewed, and healed. Let God restore you emotionally, physically, and spiritually through His amazing healing power. His desire is to bring you into the fullness of who you were created to be—a child of God.

Extending the Kingdom of God
Our desire is to equip you in two main ways so you can further the Kingdom of God. We want to help you learn to function in your God-given gifts so you can fulfill your purpose as God’s child. And we also want you to be prepared to share the message of the gospel through evangelism, at every opportunity God gives you.