Core Value : Intimacy

540342_10150824843843939_2143791409_nI’ll never forget the day I discovered that I could talk to God about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and that, GASP!, He could talk back to me. It was life-changing.

I grew up in a church where prayer and hearing from God was very mystical, very hard to understand.  I was always under the impression that hearing from God was more of a nudge, a feeling, a sixth-sense of sorts. It was so hard trying to ‘get it right’ and hoping that one day, if I was doing all of the right stuff, God would talk to me and I would actually hear Him.

Until then, I relegated myself to hearing Him through more spiritual people – people that I knew had to be closer to Him than me, since He was obviously speaking to them.  I’m sure some of you can say the same thing, right?  Maybe you grew up believing that God only talked to preachers, to prophets, to those you considered spiritually-elite.  It’s easy to do.  Sometimes we just wish someone would break it down for us, tell us the basics and maybe, just maybe, give us some hope that we can get there too.  Right?


One of our goals here at New Day will be to de-mystify our relationships with God.  Did you know that your relationship with God is meant to be life-giving, freeing and easy?  Yes! Easy prix viagra 100.  You are designed to be in an intimate relationship with Him, talking to Him, hearing from Him, enjoying time with Him – all without so many rules that makes it impossible to accomplish.

Isn’t that exciting?

We hope you’ll visit with us at our monthly meetings as we walk through our core values.  Stay tuned for an update about our first monthly meeting coming up in March!

Until next time,

Shannon & Mary

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